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  • Track phone calls from multiple organic, paid search and offline sources
  • Real-time data collected and posted to your dashboard
  • Custom call flows allow you to setup voice greetings and route calls to correct individuals or departments
  • Capture all web form leads and track by source
  • Multiple integrations including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Salesforce and more

Track Phone Calls - Track Web Leads - Increase Sales

Our call tracking software is state of the art and allows you to track all phone calls across multiple sources down to the keyword level. Create unlimited tracking numbers for Organic, Local, Paid Search, Various Social Media Profiles, Facebook Advertising, Offsite print media such as magazine ads, billboards, etc. See where your marketing budget is most successful and invest more into that particular campaign to increase traffic, leads and sales!
Your website rocks and has multiple forms. Newsletter signup, PPC Adwords conversion forms, contact us form, etc. Know your audience and their behaviors with the SearchPOP Marketing Lead Tracking software. Capture the form data along with detailed statistics including lead source, form completed, tie-back to any calls from same prospect, and much more. Ask our Lead Tracking geniuses how we can help you succeed online today!

Local and Toll-Free Tracking Numbers

Setup multiple local phone numbers in virtually any area code across the US and Canada.  We also offer toll-free numbers if you service the nation.

Instant Phone Number Setup

No need to wait for days, hours or even minutes to setup a new tracking number.  Simply choose whether to create a new number for onsite or offsite tracking, specify the source, choose whether to record calls or not – and you’re done.  Your new tracking number is available immediately.

Port Existing Numbers for Free

If you already have one or more phone numbers you’d like to port into the SearchPOP call tracking platform we can help you do this at no cost.

Keyword Level Tracking

Our lead tracking platform reveals which callers reach you through each campaign and search term used to find you online.  Footprints of each visitor’s journey before, during and after the call are stored for your review.

Call Analytics Dashboard with 24/7 Access

Our easy-to-understand and simple-to-use dashboard brings all your calls and web form leads into one place.  Here’ you’ll be able to analyze your leads, visualize trends and know which campaigns are most effective; arming you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Visitor Timeline and Footprints

Track a visitor page by page before and after they complete a web form or call your business.  Identify the pages that influenced their decision to reach out.  Know what actions they have taken while visiting your website.

Call Recording with Caller ID

Know who’s calling with caller ID data.  All calls, inbound and outbound, are recorded with easy playback access in our intuitive dashboard.  Use as a training tool to coach your call center, receptionist or sales team.

Detailed Reporting

Easily export user-defined reports for further analysis of all your leads.

Google Analytics and AdWords

Easily integrate your lead tracking dashboard with Google Analytics to see your calls within GA for additional analysis.  Tie to goals and sales funnels.  Report on calls and web forms as “conversions" within AdWords.


Send your calls to Salesforce automatically to broaden the scope of knowledge about each lead.


The SearchPOP Lead tracking software is easy to install regardless.  However – if you’re website is based on the popular WordPress CMS – this plugin automatically installs so you’re ready to track within mere seconds!


If you use Hubspot – this integration will send your calls directly to the “lead activity timeline" within Hubspot.

Even More Integrations

  • Marketo
  • unbounce
  • Marin
  • Optimizely
  • Zapier
  • Acquisio
  • VWO
  • Pipeline Deals
  • Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus

Easily create simple or multi-levl IVR menus to route the caller to the correct individual or department.  Avoid fighting complicated PBX systems and be confident that your software is never outdated.

Call Scheduling

Need to send calls to your call center or office during the day, but to an answering service or cell phone at night?  Need to route calls to different employees on certain days?  Our built-in call scheduler is easy to setup and offers a robust feature-set

Geo-Routing for Multiple Locations

Do you have several offices around town?  Enable this feature and have a call routed to the closest location near your caller’s location.  Location-based call routing is simple with our Lead Tracking software


Many options are available when it comes to setting up voicemail or greetings with our platform.  Upload a pre-recorded message on an audio file, simply record a personal message through our software, or even use the built-in Text-to-Speech engine to create your customized voice greetings.  Receive notifications with full message transcripts by email of text!

Simultaneous Forwards

Choose to forward calls to multiple phones at the same time.  Perfect for a salesforce that is in the field.  The first to answer takes the call!

SIP Routing

Choose to route calls to VoIP (voice over IP) systems

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  • 24/7 Dashboard Access
  • Mobile and Desktop Web Apps
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Track Unlimited Web Forms
  • Track All Your Phone Numbers for All Departments
  • Installation by SearchPOP Included
  • All features in tabs above included
  • Email and Phone Support Included


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The SearchPOP Lead tracking software platform is included at no extra cost when you sign-up for one of our digital marketing solutions – inquire today!

  • 24/7 Dashboard Access
  • Mobile and Desktop Web Apps
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Track Unlimited Web Forms
  • Track All Your Phone Numbers for All Departments
  • Installation by SearchPOP Included
  • All features in tabs above included
  • Email and Phone Support Included


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Increase your ROI with Lead Tracking software from SearchPOP Marketing

Increase Your ROI with Lead Tracking

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