What Is SEO Consultation?

This is a “hands-off" service and is great for those that like to get down in the trenches of managing their own sites. It’s also great for companies that have many “cooks in the kitchen" and where key members may need to inquire about best practices. For these and more, we recommend SEO consultation as the best way to go.

We provide consultation in the following areas >>

SEO Strategies
SEO Strategies

We'll help you build a dynamic SEO strategy that will help your website get to the next level.


We'll help you determine best methods for implementation of your SEO strategy.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Our consultants will help you determine which keywords will bring you optimal results.

The Competition
The Competition

We'll help you find strengths, weaknesses, and then help you devise a plan to outrank them.

Link Building
Link Building

We'll help you determine areas of opportunity for quality link building.

Additional Consultation Support Included

Local SEO Strategy
Not ranking locally? Our SEO experts can provide consultation in helping you rise above the fold within your city.
PPC Advertising
We have PPC experts on staff that can provide consultation on how to outdo your competition in Google AdWords.
Maps Optimization
Our clients love to rank on Google maps. We can help you devise a strategy that'll get you seen and drive foot traffic to your storefront.
E-Mail Marketing
Our e-mail marketing gurus can give you direction on design, best practices, and how to create engaging content that'll drive traffic.
Content Marketing
Content should be a mission-critical area of any SEO campaign. We can help you create compelling content that'll get you linked.
Website Architecture
Our web design geeks are equipped with the knowledge to help you build out a well-structured website that search engines love.

Our SEO consultants become a part of your team.

Our consultants will cooperate with your internal marketing team to help you build and maintain a website that is rewarded in search engines.

  • Our consultation service is tailored to your needs. We will provide technical guidance to your team while they implement our strategies. We can also provide additional consultation support in other areas as needed such as UI/UX recommendations, copywriting, Google Analytics and Search Console, social media strategies, etc.
  • Our consulting agreements are based on need and are typically billed by the hour. However, we also offer retainer-based agreements that begin at 12 hours per month, which will allow you direct access to the SEO consultant assigned to your campaign. We also offer verbal or written recommendations for all SEO improvements.

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SEO Consultation services by SearchPOP Marketing will drive traffic, rankings and sales