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SearchPOP Marketing SEO Software Dashboard
Always Up-To-Date
The SearchPOP SEO software dashboard places you in control and in-the-know. Your dashboard provides an at-a-glance insight into your SEO, PPC, and Social Media campaigns. No more switching between multiple marketing dashboards, as all the information you need is in one place and always up to date!
Fully Customizable
Drag-n-Drop the widgets that fit your campaign needs. Choose the metrics that matter most to you! Our interactive dashboard displays the data which makes a difference to your bottom line and helps you make informed decisions. We offer a variety of metrics for SEO, PPC and Social Media.
Tons of Tools
Our SEO performance software has all the tools you need to monitor and track your campaigns! From Rankings Tracker (SERPS,) Backlinks monitoring, Social Media and PPC analytics, and more. Our software easily integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords to provide you a clear and complete picture.

Where you stand, where they stand, tools to outrank

SEO Software by SearchPOP shows positions in search engine for you and your top competitors and allows keyword research to outrank

Track your search engine rankings

  • Monitor your websites' SEO performance with our search rank tracker tool, it takes seconds to set up keywords and see results. Clean and simple charts allow you to analyze the data and make smart strategic decisions.
  • Our SEO performance software emulates a real user in any location and searches the top 100 results to give you pinpoint accurate rankings.
  • Track rankings in the area of your choice. Whether you’re campaign is global, country-level, or city-level for a local business.
  • Track Google My Business listings on Google Maps and the coveted “3 pack”. We separate these local rankings from organic to give you a better view of your overall rankings. Our algorithm accurately tracks the top 25 listings.
  • Support for Google and Bing with their localized versions. We deliver results for the search engines that matter to get the whole picture of your rankings. Build stunning ranking reports that include all search engines.

Keyword Research Tool

  • Our SEO rank tracker can help identify high growth keywords or uncover niche keywords you may have missed. Simply input your keywords into the ranking tool to discover similar keywords and their respective search volume. Track these new keywords over time and watch your efforts pay off.

Track and Monitor your Competition

  • Analyze your top 100 competitors for your promoted keywords. Use our SEO ranking checker to provide insight into where you rank and who your competitors are. Identify areas for improvement by analyzing the domain authority, page authority and backlinks of your competitors.

Social media integration with our SEO software!

The SearchPOP SEO software application includes integration with your Social Media campaigns
The SearchPOP SEO software application includes integration with your Social Media campaigns
Schedule Your Posts
Schedule your posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As you add content you can choose which channels you'd like to share to, and when. This allows you to post right away or plan the whole week in advance.
Engage With Followers
Keep tabs on your clients' social media life. Monitor engagements across platforms including tweets, posts, comments and more. Keep an eye across your clients' social media channels and reply to comments right in our software.
Reporting Made Easy
Gone are the days of pasting screenshots and manually editing Excel documents. Simply connect your social media accounts and have full reports done in minutes. You can add images, text boxes and tables to compliment the data and give the whole story.
Schedule your social media posts through the SearchPOP Marketing dashboard software
Social Media client engagement directly through the SearchPOP Marketing Dashboard Software
Social Media reporting is easier than ever with the all-in-one software from SearchPOP Marketing

Integration with PPC - Google and Facebook Ads

  • Our interactive software platform integrates the PPC sources you need: Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, & Call Tracking Metrics.
  • Display behavioral metrics like visits, page views, time on site, and bounce rate to demonstrate periodic changes and optimizations.
  • Monitor marketing objectives through conversions: ecommerce sales, form fills, and email collection.
  • Stay organized and focus on results. Our PPC reporting tool can help you identify the keywords that are converting to sales and the keywords that are wasting money. Monitor spend across all of your clients' campaigns to ensure you're pacing properly.
  • Analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns by measuring which sources are converting to phone leads. View specific call information including location, name and even listen to a recording of the call.
  • Easily report on Facebook ads campaigns that you're running. Break it down by campaign, ad sets or ads. Pick and choose what metrics you want to show: clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, etc. We have everything you need to automate your ppc reporting.
PPC integration with the SearchPOP Marketing performance dashboard software

Customizable Reports

Schedule timely delivery right to your inbox

Create custom reports for your SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing Campaigns and schedule for delivery on timed intervals
Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy By SearchPOP Marketing

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  • 24/7 Dashboard Access
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  • Installation by SearchPOP Included
  • All features in tabs above included
  • Email and Phone Support Included


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The SearchPOP SEO software platform is included at no extra cost when you sign-up for one of our digital marketing packages!

  • 24/7 Dashboard Access
  • Mobile and Desktop Web Apps
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Track Unlimited Keywords
  • Installation by SearchPOP Included
  • All features in tabs above included
  • Email and Phone Support Included


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