What is UI/UX...

and how can this improve my website?

This anacronym refers to “User Interface" and “User Experience".

Your website is the face of your business and portrays a specific image and message to your visitors.  Usability Testing plays a key role in user engagement and will help you accomplish your objectives.

It is critical that the user has a remarkable experience while on your website.  It should be easy to navigate, information readily available, products quick to purchase, and the user should be able to contact you immediately.

SearchPOP can analyze your website for improvements to the user interface and the customer journey.  Implementing our usability audit recommendations will improve bounce rates and increase sales!


Tune-Up Your Website with a Usability Audit!

What's the process?

Step 1
Step 1

Hire SearchPOP to perform an extensive UI/UX audit of your current site, or a new site in development prior to deploying. We'll make sure that all elements of your site work hand in hand to drive business rather than compete for attention and create confusion. Small changes have a huge impact on bounce rate and conversion.


SearchPOP performs an extensive usability audit, looking at the entire user experience based on the user interface that your site provides. We prepare a detailed Power Point presentation (up to 55 slides) that covers all of our findings (good and bad) and the recommendations needed to improve on each area.

Step 3Step 3
Step 3

Our detailed report and accompanying video will explain step-by-step how to correct each issue. This consists of mockups and illustrations of proposed modifications to improve performance. Next, you'll either hire SearchPOP to implement the recommended changes - or have your internal DEV team address.


  • A comprehensive summary of all usability and conversion issues in a professional 55+ page Power Point
  • Mock-ups of proposed changes (user friendly and converting design)
  • Screenshots and call-outs to visualize all issues and recommended solutions
  • Site speed testing and solutions
  • Psychological strategies and tips for
  • Report on any errors or bugs found
  • Includes usability test results from 3 real users on your site


  • Professional, edited video recording while analyzing your website
  • Testing of all key usability factors, tailored to your site's objective
  • The 5-second impression test
  • Extensive analysis of the homepage
  • Testing the sales funnel
  • Applying usability and conversion theory with detailed suggestions
  • Applying user psychology
  • Comparing your website to similar competitors
Conducting Usability Audit of Website

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